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oraimo Smart NightLight Automatic LED Night Light

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Back Lighting Design

Built-in Motion and Light Sensor

Magnetic Installation

Energy Efficient LED

Long-lasting LED Night Light Life

4000k Soft Light

Smart NightLight OH-NL1N


Product Parameters:

Rated Input: 5V 1A Max
Rated Voltage/Power: 0.5W
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Color Temperature: 4000k
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Working Time: 4 hours on a single charge (steady light);
4 months on a single charge (automatic night light)
Charging Type: Type-C

*oraimo Lab test result

Model: OH-NL1N


Product Features:

Back Lighting Design--Greet With Warm Night
To avoid the harm to the eyes caused by the strong light in the night, oraimo SmartNightLight with 4000K warm light creates indirect soft and comfortable light atmosphere.

Built-in Motion and Light Sensor--Light When You Need It
Built-in motion and light sensor, the nightlight intelligently recognizes day and night. It automatically turns on when someone moves within its 3-meter sensing range in a dark environment and turn off when no one is detected within 25 seconds.

One Charge For 120 Days--Low Power Consumption
LED night light consumes only 0.5W for lightening 4-5 times per night in auto mode, saving both the environment and your wallet. Battery life is longer than 4 months, no need to charge frequently.

Magnetic Installation--Stable Fit with Strong Adhesive
Tear off the strong adhesive of the base
Stick the base to the wall
Attract the lamp body close to the base

Wide Application--New Smart Home Experience
It can be widely used in bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, stairs, wardrobe and so on. Whether you need to look after your children, use the bathroom, feed the pet, or drink some water, your toes and shins will thank you for it.

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Nov 15, 2023

How it works

Very nice scene

Reviewed by Stella Verified

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Nov 14, 2023


This is super nice. brightness is good. only challenge is the design. the sensor would have been better on same side as light.

Reviewed by Omari Verified

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Nov 13, 2023

Smart light

The smart night light is a quality product, you will be surprised by the many ways you can use it, Perfect, Smart & Intelligent A must buy for all.

Reviewed by Fatma Verified

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Nov 12, 2023


A good Product and hope you put the sensor on one side as the light for more brightness in dark nights and when you rely on this lighting only.

Reviewed by Sara Verified

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Dec 13, 2023


Long lasting power.

Reviewed by Farida Verified

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Smart NightLight Automatic LED Night Light